Our Application Development Services

Mobile apps and web apps currently hold the future of the internet in the hands of every web user. Our experts at SQube Softsol believe that if you have a website or online service, then it is imperative to possess an application of the same. Thus, comes the need to avail our application development services.

How do we operate?

With a team of proficient and well-trained experts at our disposal, we design and develop completely optimized mobile apps for your online services. Here is a listof the platforms we develop with:

• Android 5.1 and above

• iOS 8 and above

• Apps adhering to windows and Mac

How do we do?

Our modus operandi involves a step by step waterfall approach that ensures precise developmentof each stage before moving on to the next. Take a look here.

Step 1: Understanding your requirements

We analyse and scrutinize all the services and amenities that are needed to be introduced in your company’s application development solutions.

Step 2: Develop and Debug

We use platforms like Android Studio and similar others to create mobile apps. These are completely dynamic in nature and can accept variable customization options.

Step 3: Deliver & Maintain

Post-delivery, our experts provide periodic updates to your web and mobile apps to ensure they project the latest services, amenities and offers to your clientele base.

Responsive Apps Development:

Be it web apps or mobile iterations; every app developed by us is completely responsive in nature. They cater to displays of desktops, laptops as well as tablets and smartphone; thereby escalating their versatility.

So, why the delay? Render your service to the comfort of your customer’s palm with our reliable and affordable mobile application development services.